Children’s square

Three afternoons packed with fun, amazing storytelling theater shows and catchy roots concerts that will make sure to entertain children and parents alike. While your children attend shows or participate in the numerous  activities, parents can enjoy delicious drinks.


A large part of the activities is offered through the principle of “for the hat” or pay what you think it is worth afterwards. You or your child will pay what you thought the show was worth at the end. There are a lot of freely accessible activities. You need to purchase tickets for the larger children’s theater shows, but this is possible at the tent via electronic payment, or on the festival website via online banking. 

Face paint, Climbing, Gold Digging

Have your face painted of walk along the barefoot path. Go climb with Macventura Sports and walk on the Thorbecke canal. Make your own pot or bowl at the Zwolifant pottery corner. Go and dig for gold in Museum de Oude Aarde’s water basin, or experience how children played in the olden days during the Old Dutch games.

Festival Exhibition Rijksmuseum

The Rijksmuseum’s festival speed tour is a journey through time and a meeting with paintings by world famous Dutch artist Rembrandt and other artists from the Golden Age.

Ask the museum guides to walk you through this very special festival exhibition and discover which stories the paintings are telling. Why do the steel masters look so disturbed? And what makes Vermeer’s Milkmaid so exquisite? Take part in the quiz and win a family guide worth 10 euros for the real Rijksmuseum.

Build a Ship

Build a real ship in three days. During the three children’s afternoons, you can help with anything needed to build a ship under the guidance of Deltion students. Will you create the blueprint? Or would you rather make masts and manufacture sails from old rags? Are you the carpenter needed to build the ship? Will you help knot ropes? You can do all kinds of jobs needed to complete the ship to perfection.

Additional information

The Zwolle Unlimited Children’s Square is the perfect tip for a family outing. We are obviously not a babysitting service, but we have taken into account the safety of the terrain and easy access to shows. The straw bale theaters are the perfect spots for a good concert or a short story. The Zwolle Unlimited festival offers shows and concerts for all ages. Many children’s shows are well suited for adults as well. Age categories are always indicated clearly in the program.

Who will you surprise with a day at the Children’s Square?









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