True Story Route


An extraordinary journey along true, real life stories. During your walk through the historic inner city of Zwolle, you will meet masters of the art of living, who will offer a glimpse into the way they live their lives and the way they shape their experiences. From uncompromising songwriter Fay Lovski to Daphne Gakes who lives in a mobile home and creates podcasts, to wrestling theater maker Nannette Poortinga.



Fay Lovski

… plays silly instruments and writes songs – some silly, some sweet


For almost forty years, this uncompromising songsmith has been playing the Theremin, the ukulele and the singing saw wherever she feels like. In different musical styles, Fay Lovski expresses her view of the world. She writes songs based on newspaper articles, “because nothing is more exciting than the newspaper. News, miscellaneous, urban myths? Add guitar and the world is alright again.” A colorful bird of paradise and an admired songwriter and singer.





Nannette Poortinga

“My ambition gets me on stage, my perfectionism makes me hide underneath it. The voices in my head break the game before I have even started.” Theater maker Nanette Poortinga engages in the struggle with the demons keeping her from creating and playing. This is a performance for everyone who lost the ability to play when they grew up; it is a search for the playing human and the obstacles on the way. This is an attempt at playfully finding the way back.




I, Daphne Gakes

Daphne gives insight into her life by reading from her journals, filled with sex, drugs and rock ’n roll. She compares her life to her mother’s journals, filled with peace, purity and regularity.


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