Children’s Route

A trail of children walks along old houses and through exciting alleys. Three times, they will be offered a funny, crazy or exciting performance in unexpected locations on the route. The Children’s Route consists of three performances for children aged 4 to 10.



Wie de schoen pas (If the shoe fits) – Theatergroep Jut en Jul

The famous Cinderella story, only this time, it will be told from the perspective of the two ‘pretty’, ‘stylish’ and ‘extraordinarily attractive’ stepsisters Ann and Stella.



Kid’s Purple – Storytelling duo Lieke and Anne van der Vegt

During this interactive play, the world will be reinvented. Nothing will be as it was and everything will be different from now.


Anne and Lieke van der Vegt have been a part of the Storytelling Guild of Productiehuis de Verhalenboot and Zwolle Unlimited since 2010. They are both students at the Toneelacademie in Maastricht. The sisters are an interesting creator duo, who work from playful wonder and curiosity about the world.


Tjiep – Storyteller Marin Millenaar

A girl bird would love nothing more than to be a Mommy. She gets a beautiful baby bird, but the baby won’t stop crying. The only way to stop crying is its mommy’s song. And then the song gets stolen…


Marin Millenaar is a joyful guitar playing and singing storyteller who brings folk tales, fairytales and fables from all over the world to ours. Tjiep is an ancient fairytale from Lapland.