Street Theater Route

Three top-notch acts make up our Street Theater Route. Walk to unexpected locations in Zwolle’s inner city and enjoy Arvo Part on singing glass, enchanting puppetry in a sugar cube cathedral, and live statues in an upside down house. Suited for all ages.


Singing Glasses

The story goes that the thin, ethereal sound of singing glass can bring on a state of trance or hypnosis. Rumor has it some people even went insane… Why has the glass organ, extremely popular in the 18th and 19th century, almost completely vanished off the face of the earth?

Many years ago, the sound of singing glass struck a chord in Rogier Kapper. He studied old blueprints and started collecting glasses, fitting, measuring and building and experimenting. Now he presents to you the only glass organ in The Netherlands, made of 52 Cognac, wine, champagne and port glasses, with a three and a half octave range. Through countless hours of practice he has slowly but surely been achieving mastery of this glass instrument. On his organ cargo bike, he wanders through the country and shows up on street corners, squares and festivals. He will enchant his audience with old and new songs on singing glass. From Bach to Beatles, Jacques Brel and first and foremost Estonian composer Arvo Part.





Niet Voor De Poes



Rust moves around, house and all, albeit veeeeeery slowly. The iron grit of a house with its iron inhabitants. All three of them have turned a little rusty. The characters and the house seem to have fused together. Between the inhabitants, you can see the love of the olden days, a look back at how it used to be and the speed of today’s existence.  The house thinks it has been sitting still long enough and knows how to bring change by literally turning itself upside down.

A professional jury and the audience crowned ROEST world champion living statue.



Trunk Puppeteers



A show about creating, collapsing, starting over and completing. A sculpture of more than four thousand sugar cubes in a world where fantasy is reality. Is it the puppeteers or is it the little architect that need help achieving the peak of their life’s work?

“We have never done it before,

so we think we can do it.”

This is what puppeteers Charlotte de Lange and Steven Luca Groenen must have thought before they embarked on their sugar cube set piece for Cathedralia. Groenen and de Lange are always looking for contemporary ways of puppetry, adult sketch and poetic atmosphere. Cathedralia is their new international act, in which images enchant, move and please, and in which the act is given extra allure by wonderful compositions.