Martin Manasse (UK)

He was 56 years old when he came across oral storytelling and his life was transformed. For as long as he could remember he had ‘told stories’ through music, that is to say, playing the oboe, his main instrument, or piano. Moving to spoken words took him into a new world of discovery and enchantment. “And here I am, twenty four years later and 80 years old. I tell with undiminished enthusiasm to any audiences that would like to hear me and I invite them to take whatever nourishment they can find from my stories. I love all my stories and I love to tell them.”  


Forest Voices
There is a way into the  forest, but is there a way out? How will this journey end and what can be learned about the forest on the way? This story will be fresh from the Zagreb Festival a week or so earlier.


Seasons, fruits and seeds
A selection of stories. Can strawberries grow in the snow and ice of winter? Can the discovery of strawberries save a relationship? How can planting seeds let us know who should be the next king or queen?  How might a simple grass cutter affect diplomacy between two traditional enemies?


“Whenever this man tells, the space is full of love” Roy Gal-Or, storyteller and co-founder of the International School of Storytelling Emerson College England.