Storytelling, writing and spoken word workshops. Would you like to write or tell stories? Why not get inspired by experienced artists? An initiative by Productiehuis De Verhalenboot, Schrijversvakschool Noord-Nederland and Vertelacademie Nederland/België. De Verhalenboot’s mission is to bring stories and storytellers into the world. Did you catch the storytelling or writing bug? Please check De Verhalenboot’s website to see which workshops are available as full courses in the next season:

Locatie alle workshops: De Statenzaal, Diezerstraat 80 Zwolle

Geschikt voor: volwassenen en jongeren vanaf minimaal 16 jaar oud 

Duur workshops: 2,5 uur

Prijs: €45,00 per workshop


Cross cultural storytelling – Mara Menzies – zondag 13.00 hrs.

Stories transcend cultures, but in today’s world, telling stories from other cultures can be fraught with difficulties. Scottish/Kenyan storyteller Mara Menzies draws on her vast cross cultural storytelling experience to examine how to navigate that increasingly thorny landscape. In this interactive workshop, we will be exploring stories from a variety of cultures and in the re-telling, we will consider how stories differ in the way they are told and received by people from diverse backgrounds. We look at how stories evolve and adapt as they travel and we will experiment with the different ways of bringing authenticity to a story. Suitable for those with some storytelling experience.

Kitchen to  Castle – bring the locations in your stories to life – Shona Cowie – saturday 13.00 hrs. 

Your body acts differently if you enter a ballroom or a cupboard, a forest or a swimming pool. Had you noticed? In this practical workshop participants will bring awareness to their bodies and learn ways to manipulate their physicality in order to evoke specific and clear spaces, objects,  atmospheres and characters in their storytelling. Through techniques adapted from her training at Jacques Lecoq school of movement and mime, Scottish storyteller Shona Cowie will open up her practice and share how storytelling can move above language barriers and beyond. Suitable for all levels.

To play with language on stage (Dutch) – Paul Groos – Sunday 13.00 hrs 

For tellers and writers with some experience. Playing with language, poetry on stage. For writers and tellers with some experience.

To write a good story (Dutch) – Pauline Durlacher – Friday 19.00 hrs 

Learn to write (better) prose. What good writing techniques can do for your story and the attention of the reader. All levels.

Once upon a time… (how to get rid of your cliches) (Dutch) – Pauline Durlacher – Saturday 13.00 hrs 

Learn to write what you really want to say; to be precise and original. All levels.

Recognize the chances in your story (plotting) (Dutch) – Joke van Vliet – Sunday 14.30 hrs

Make a plot for the story you always wanted to write. Write your opening scene. For writers with some experience. 

To tell a good story (Dutch) – Raymond den Boestert – Saturday 16.00 hrs, Sunday 11.30 hrs 

How do you tell a story with imagery and emotion? Techniques to use in your work, private life, or to take the first steps on a professional path of storytelling. All levels.







Postadres Zwolle Unlimited (De Verhalenboot)

Pletterstraat 20
8011VG Zwolle